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Save Time for Payroll Processing Using the Salary Slip Software​

Generate free online payslips today without any headache or hassle. We provide our unique and easy-to-use payslip template. You’ll be able to make your first payslip online in minutes using our payslip generator software. So why make this a challenge and spend countless hours creating a payslip that may end up not being compliant or usable?

If your HR cannot provide your salary slip on time, try Hivepayroll Payslip Software

  • Create a free salary slip with professional template
  • Submit payslip for loans, insurance, tax and other purposes
  • Completely free pdf template – ready for download

Create a payslip online that works with your branding today

Customize an unlimited number of free payslips

When using our payslip template, we want to ensure that it looks and feels as professional as possible. That’s why we built in the functionality to work with your logo and branding. Through this customization, you’re able to add the right level of professionalism for anyone who receives it.

In addition, you’re able to change the fonts, sizes, styles, and formatting as you see fit, as well as conform to the colors of your current branding.

At we like to be as transparent as possible. We don’t want to overpromise what our product can do, and we don’t want to have you frustrated by any types of surprises.

That’s why we have built our payslip generation software to be as scalable as your payslip needs can be. You can have unlimited pay slips made, and they can all be customized as you see fit. You can work a template you’ve customized previously, so it’s simply printing out or generating a pdf for next month’s payroll, all to keep your operations smooth.

But Why Should I Use This Free Payslip Generation Software?

You have a business to run. Unless that business is a payroll and accounting firm, you cannot be bogged down every time payroll comes in at the end of the month. You need to have a simple-to-use software ready to go that’ll get you the information you need so that you’re able to get your people paid on time and accurately. This will be savored by your employees and ease the information required when the time comes to file taxes. You can generate payslips, convert them to PDFs and easily send out emails to your employees.

All of this is possible through our platform. So throw away those templated spreadsheets that you were manually calculating every month, stop pulling your hair and start using our software. Who knows, you might start to enjoy handling payroll after using our software long enough, simply for the fact of how easy and customizable it is.

Automatically generate payslips

Accessible anywhere

Adjust what is shown on your payslip

When you enter a pay run, Payroller’s payslip generator will automatically make a payslip for you. No having to re-enter payroll data to generate a payslip. If you create a pay run, you’ll also create a payslip.
The beauty of being a cloud-based payroll software and payslip generator is that you can run payroll and create payslips wherever you are and whenever you want. Payroller gives you more flexible options so you never fall into trouble with your payroll.
With Payroller, you can adjust the settings on your payslip generator to suit your needs! Although we automatically include the FairWork payslip requirements, we get that you might want to customise your payslips to your liking. You have control over this payslip generator!

FairWork compliant

Send, download, print

Adjust to your needs

You don’t want your payslip generator to cause you trouble with FairWork. There’s no need to worry about that with Payroller though. Our payslips meet all of FairWork’s requirements so you can feel assured that you won’t be facing any penalties for your payslips.
Once your payslip has been prepared, you’ll want to do something with it. Our payslip generator gives you the option to send, download or print your payslips whenever you need to. Simply select the option you want and Payroller will get it done for you.
We get that everyone has different needs when it comes to their payslips. That’s why we’ve made our payslip template adjustable. All FairWork requirements are unchangeable but details like leave balances and your business name can be edited as needed.

Create Payslip in Less Than a Minute

Distributing salary slips in person is very tiring and often involves manual errors. Why not simplify the process with Omind’s salary slip generation system. Our salary slip software allows employees to view and download the document anywhere, anytime. Once the salary is processed, you can immediately find the detailed salary calculation on the slip.

FAQs on Online Payslip Generator

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