Payroll Made Easy

Payroll process is complex and a correct, error free and timely processing of payroll is very important for both the organization and her employees. Managing payroll on excel or on a not up to date software can be a nightmare for the organization. For timely and correct payment of salaries and bonuses to the employees, for correct calculation of taxes and allowance and for smooth working of the organization, an effective payroll solution is very important.

The traditional methods of running of payroll process is very time consuming and require more resources to manage the payroll for your organization. Therefore, it makes the overall payroll processing vary expensive and time consuming for the organization. To overcome these issues, our team of payroll experts and developers came with HivePayroll solution. This is encrypted, secured, automated and cost effective payroll solution available to the small and medium businesses in India.

HivePayroll is a State of Art cloud-based payroll solution, and this can be managed with ease anytime, anywhere 24×7. HivePayroll makes it easy for your HR or Payroll team to manage your organization’s payroll process. You don’t need a large workforce to manage your payroll with HivePayroll. HivePayroll features such as, expense management, leave management, employee’s loans and advances and employee self-service portal will always keep your workforce happy and motivated.

How it works?

Follow the Following Three Steps to make your Payroll Process easy with HivePayroll

HivePayroll is very simple to work with. Follow following three step process to make it work for your organization.





HivePayroll is a modern alternative with much lesser limitations as compared to the traditional approach towards the payroll function. It is mandatory for all organizations to keep a record of their employee salaries for paying taxes. HivePayroll digitalizes a large number of documents as compared to physical documents used traditionally which are extremely difficult to manage and maintain.

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HivePayroll is an encrypted, secured, automated and cost-effective payroll solution available for your organization. Click on the “Sign Up” button to start your THREE MONTHS FREE TRIAL now

Three Months for free

HivePayroll provides all new clients first Three Months use of payroll solution for free. Until you are ready, please practice with the sample data provided with signed up version. Once you are ready, start using payroll with your actual data and enjoy free trial for first three months form the date of first sign up to HivePayroll

Continue Using

After completion of first three months from the sign-up date, HivePayroll will start billing your organization on monthly basis for the payroll bundle you have signed for. Pay your invoices per month and keep using the HivePayroll solution for progress of your organization. No fixed term contract is required to use HivePayroll.

Our Advantages

Advantages of HivePayroll over conventional software

SA Powerful Cloud-Based Payroll Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses in India.


We understand that the security of data is highly important to any organization. To ensure this, your HivePayroll data and transactions are encrypted, secured, and protected by a double layer SSL certificate. On top of this, the HivePayroll allows their clients to add or reduce the number of authorizations required for the transaction to be completed. For example, an organization can allow her CFO to directly complete the payroll process for entire organization or the organization can set up a two-level approval for the respective department head and CFO, which allows individual managers to request payroll.


Easy Accessibility is another strength of HivePayroll. This allows your organization’s executives and managers to check, approve or reject payroll, leave request, expenses claim, loan request etc. remotely. Waiting for a physical presence of a managers for an approval can be painful and leaves negative impact on the employee waiting for approval. Hive resolves this issue to keep both business and employee happy by giving anytime, anywhere, 24×7 access to both employees and managers to track and complete the request. In addition to this, the digital documents can be downloaded and used instantly to share the required information.

Ease of Usage

HivePayroll interface is user friendly and very simple to use by employees, managers, and HR etc. Employees can use employee self service portal to check their work schedule and attendance. Past payslips are available all the time and if an employee needs his past payslip for a loan application or a mortgage, they can download and share the same with their banks confidently. They can request a leave and even edit or cancel a leave anytime from anywhere.


HivePayroll has key modules such as employee master, payroll processing, expenses management, leave management, employee loans and advances management, reporting and statutory compliance. Functionality of these modules can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements with no hassle. The modules already have many flexible options available in form of configuration. You don’t need to be an IT expert to select options while setting up the organization, when you start your subscription.

Highly Scalable

At HivePayroll, all packages give you access to run payroll for up to 20 employees at a very low fixed monthly price. Therefore, if you have small workforce of up to 20 employees, you can work with a monthly budget of costs starting from ₹ 1,199 per month. With increase in number of employees above 20 you will pay a small monthly fee for each additional employee added in your organization. This gives complete scalability to your organization to add or remove as many employees and HR user as you want to run the organization. Our monthly price packages are designed for the small and medium businesses in India. This helps the organization in decision making for, how much they need to spend on the workforce every month. All prices are including all taxes, therefore, no hidden costs while using HivePayroll.