HivePayroll is India's most reliable payroll software well known for hassle-free and 10x faster payroll processing. HivePayroll is a new age software company specializing in HR Software, HRMS, Payroll Software, ESS Software, Timesheet Software, HRIS Software, and much more. Are you not getting all the features in your Payroll system? HivePayroll is introducing a world-class cloud-based Human Resource software to manage Payroll with accuracy. It is mainly designed for small companies in India. An all in one customizable payroll software for fulfilling your complex requirements. We are located in Bangalore, India and our customers are all over India.

A Powerful Cloud-Based Payroll Management Solution for Small Businesses in India.


Payroll Made Easy

No longer will you have to spend hours and hours processing payroll. HivePayroll's platform makes it easy to input payroll. Our system instantly makes all necessary payroll calculations and generate payslips for distribution. The time you save processing payroll with HivePayroll you can spend growing your business.

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Timesheet & Attendance

As one of the best payroll platforms in India, HivePayroll also tracks employee attendance. You and your managers can view real-time data for individual employee hours or company-wide work hours. This valuable data will enable your team to make business production decisions and employee promotion decisions.....

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Leave Management

Offering your employees leave can be a great benefit but it can be difficult and time-consuming to manage. This hassle is alleviated when you use the HivePayroll platform. Our payroll application automatically tracks employee leave during payroll processing. Your company's managers and supervisors will have..

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Reporting & Analytics

We realize that your company needs accurate, real-time payroll reports to make sound business decisions. For this reason, HivePayroll offers a variety of dynamic reports that will help you manage, review and analyze company payroll data. Whether you need company-wide reports or individual payroll data...

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TDS & Payroll

When you partner with HivePayroll, you can rest assure that all TDS calculations will be done accurately and instantly. You and your employees can be confident that all taxes will be deducted in accordance with the Indian tax code. The HivePayroll application also will produce quarterly reports...

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Statutory Compliance

If yours is like most companies in India, statutory compliance is a major concern. Failure to follow various governmental rules and regulations, such as minimum wage, TDS payments, and Provident Fund contributions, could result in hefty fines and penalties for your company. HivePayroll is designed to...

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Get 100% Secured Payroll System Online

Our systems are based online meaning you do not need to buy any new accessories such as servers. It also means that you can be able to access your data any time you want. You can also be able to access it from anywhere in the world. Even if you're traveling halfway around the world you have a clear view of how your company is faring and also in charge. We are also providing you with the best payroll software that comes with a lot of features that will be of use to your company and its operations.

There is no doubt that your staff is one of your biggest investments and most valuable assets. Certainly, you want to keep your top performers happy by offering on-time and accurate payslips and great benefits, like paid time off.

Unfortunately, employee management and payroll processing can be quite cumbersome and very time-consuming. Don't let this challenge keep you from offering your employees the best. Instead, turn to HivePayroll, a premier payroll application system in India.

HivePayroll is a dynamic, cloud-based payroll software that is very convenient and easy-to-use. Our payroll processing platform offers several great benefits that make managing your team quick, easy and efficient.

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