TDS & Payroll

HivePayroll has been created with state of art technology and has come with the fastest and easiest method of calculating payroll taxes for the businesses. It is a multi-purpose software, which covers all features required for accurate TDS management. HivePayroll helps business in calculating, estimating and deducting income tax of the employees with accuracy. It reduces workload for your payroll team and help you in calculating the projected income tax in advance. HivePayroll ‘s employee self service portal (ESS) provides complete control to the employees of their pay slips, leaves, expenses and loans etc

Our Functionalities

Unique functionalities of HivePayroll’s TDS management module

A Powerful Cloud-Based Payroll Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses in India.

Up to date Tax Rates and Tax Slabs

Generate TDS Returns

Online Registration of e-TDS returns

Inbuilt Statutory Reports

Importation of Deduction Data

Self-loading Data Backup

Estimation of Income Tax

Computation of Income Tax

Automatic TDS challans

Our Advantages

Competitive advantage of HivePayroll over other TDS management solution

A Powerful Cloud-Based Payroll Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses in India.

Encrypted Data Backup System

  • Encrypted and secured data backup on AWS servers
  • Easy backup and restore of data related to TDS
  • No headache of reinstalling the software to get upgrades
Advance TDS Computation and Error Detection
  • Accurate calculations and preparation of TDS returns
  • Automatic calculation of tax, allowances, deductions
  • Auto detection and display of errors in return
  • Generate reports in many file formats, such as MS Word, Excel and PDF
  • Prepare NIL returns on some simple clicks
  • Auto generation of CSI file

Easy Data Extraction and Import System

  • Bulk upload of data from and to any data center
  • Generation of FVU files is straightforward in HivePayroll.
  • Compatible with CONSO/TDS file. Therefore, it is easy to retrieval data
  • Compatible with active TDSMAN version

Default Analysis

  • Accurate calculation of TDS and income taxes
  • Auto calculation of capital gain tax
  • Verification of Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Auto name extraction of individual from PAN.
  • Easy track down of validation of TDS Challans with few clicks
  • Auto implementation of Tax Slabs of India
  • Calculation of interest for late payments and late deductions

Versatile use for TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) management

  • Supports Salary TDS (Form 24Q), NRI TDS (FORM 27Q), Non-salary TDS (FORM 26Q) and TCS
  • Easy FVU file generation.
  • Time saving challan generation of TDS & TCS
  • Up to date with the most recent TDS rates and rules
  • Encrypted and secured uploading system for online TDS returns
  • Easy access to historical and current year TDS data
  • Allows HR to add unlimited users and employees
  • Print and save documents and reports with simple clicks
  • Mass data upload from MS Excel or Google Sheet

An Easy, Safe & Secure TDS Solution for eTDS Return Filing:

  • HivePayroll is a cloud-based software system and is accessible anywhere, anytime, 24×7
  • HivePayroll uses AWS encrypted and secured servers, which makes it safer than offline TDS management software
  • HivePayroll gets auto updates and upgrades, therefore, you don’t need to worry about manual updates and upgrades
  • Multi-user option allows more than one user to operate the payroll solution
  • Regular alerts and notification systems are available for the users
  • User manual and demo-videos are provided to help users in learning the solution and for error handling

Free TDS Solution for Easy Filing of TDS Returns

HivePayroll offers three months free trial to the new customers. This helps the new clients in understanding the solution and getting used to the functionality of the payroll solution. HivePayroll’s income tax calculator eases the works of your payroll manager and helps you in computing correct TDS deduction. HivePayroll ensures the best TDS management system for your organization.