Timesheet & Attendance

Time management is a vital part for the growth of an organization. HivePayroll’s timesheet and attendance management tool is used for tracking of employees’ attendance, time spent on work and time spent off work. This is an automated tool and helps the organization in managing her employees’ services, hours, pay rates, and locations. This helps in implementing transparent, fair and steady pay policies.

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Advantages of HivePayroll’s Timesheet & Attendance Management

HivePayroll’s automated timesheet & attendance management solution allows your organization to create a paperless employee check-in check-out and telephony validation system. This allows combining real-time employee time and attendance data with the organization’s employee scheduling program, which in turn results in minimizing the costs and improving efficiencies. By using HivePayroll timesheet & attendance module, you can easily manage the employee hours and flexibly distribute your workforce for projects and work orders. Other benefits of the timesheet & attendance management include elimination of timecards, avoiding unauthorized overtime and reporting employee time/attendance precisely to your payroll.

A traditional mechanical time clock allows employees to clock in for one another, also known as “buddy punching”, to cover for late arrival or absence. This is known as time theft, and it can add up to a significant cost to the organization, Especially, when you have a large workforce working on various sites for your organization. Keep in mind that for a typical shift of 8 hours a day, five minutes is 1% of an employee’s daily pay and these five minutes can add up quickly. HivePayroll Time & Attendance can be easily integrated into IP time clocks, ID badge readers or biometric scanners. This makes it nearly impossible for employees to clock in or out inaccurately.

HivePayroll stores your historical data without any need for you in investing huge cost in storage hardware and backups. Payslips and reports for previous period can be accessed anytime with few simple clicks. Employee attendance history is always available to the supervisors and employees. This helps in keeping track of leaves, absence and working hours 24×7. HR and management can access historical data anytime anywhere for their planning and control purposes.

HivePayroll makes your overall payroll experience smooth and easy to manage. Payroll departments do not need to compile timesheets for payroll processing, when time and attendance keeping software is integrated into the workplace. Attendance keeping labour management systems provide precise work schedules and compiled times, which are available from the management software interface and significantly cutting back on the time payroll spends on manual data entry. Both payroll and human resources have ready, real-time access to accurate employee time and attendance data, allowing these departments to spend less time on manual data entry while maintaining more accurate payroll and attendance history records. Companies can use the time, effort and money saved here to invest in their growth.

Why to choose Hivepayroll’s Timesheet & Attendance Service?

There are many time and attendance employee software packages available in the market. Many of them provides you access to a variety of features and most of these software packages use biometric devices for processing. But to use these software for HR and Payroll management needs investment in time clocking or biometric hardware, subscription to their apps, maintenance the biometric devices etc. Monitoring, collecting and compiling hourly employee time and attendance data can be a cumbersome, labour-intensive and expensive. Mechanical time clocks often record employee attendance inaccurately due to “buddy punching” or system errors, and this information must be compiled by the payroll department. With HivePayroll, you can use add-on feature of Web Check-n and Web Check-out and this will not need any biometric devices. Your system will keep track of the time. Even you already have biometric devices installed at your sites, HivePayroll can be integrated with these devices easily. HivePayroll’s employee time and attendance solution provides tangible support and improvements to the operating efficiency of you organization. The solution is time-efficient, real time, Internet-based and cost effective.