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Best Human Resource Management Tools to Boost HR Efficiency

Best Human Resource Management Tools

There was a time when we humans were supposed to manage different tools and technologies. The funny thing is there are certain tools used to manage humans these days. Managing humans can sometimes be much worse than managing these systems and software.

When you commence a business, hiring employees is pretty mandatory no matter how much we rely on the latest tools and tech. Your employees are and your employees will always remain your core asset which one cannot afford to lose.

The following post focuses on some of the best human resource management tools to make the most of in 2023. But, before that, let’s divert a bit and understand the true significance of human resource management.
So what exactly is the concept of human resource management? Well, as the name implies, it is all about managing humans working at your office premises.

In simple words, it is a specific department allocated within the office to ensure a seamless relationship is established between the employees as well as their bosses.

The human resource department can be considered above all the other departments. An HR is responsible for hiring, easy onboarding, offering precise positions, ensuring that all the employees are working under predetermined regulations, and also for conducting several co-curricular activities or events.

Basically, it’s the core duty of HRs to create an employee-oriented workplace where all tend to work effectively, efficiently and in peace and harmony. Still, being skeptical about whether the department is a necessity or not? Well, further below I would like to mention some core reasons to consider Human Resource management within your organization.

Why Consider Human Resource Management Within Your Organization​

1. Enhanced Quality of Professional Life

One of the obvious reasons is that when you hire such professionals who are bound to take care of other professionals then the overall quality of work-life is definitely enhanced. Also, they are able to take care of the physical and psychological well-being of an organization.

Day in and day out, these professionals are bound to make conscious efforts to make the organization a better place for everyone according to Itesh Sharma of This definitely has a positive impact on the overall productivity of the employees. You see not many employees get to say I love my working space or I would never want to stop going to the workplace.

So why not create a space where everyone loves to come to work happily? Don’t get me wrong, here I am not saying that you should create some kind of amusement park or anything else but try making it a better place by conducting monthly events such as Potluck or fun and games, increasing the scope of interactivity between employees of different departments, managing conflicts, and overall bring out the best in employee, inspire them, motivate them, etc.

2. Seamless Recruitment

Another aspect or reason why human resource management should be taken into high esteem is they ensure seamless recruitment procedures and onboarding of employees. HR most of the time are in charge of recruiting and training employees, making them fit for the organization.

Right from finding the relevant candidates to interviewing them, shortlisting and selecting the right person for the job, discussing terms and conditions, and of course salary-based negotiations, all these activities are conducted by HR. Do you think the job ends once the interviewee becomes an employee? Of course, not! They tend to overview the training procedures and keep a close tab on the professional and see whether he or she is relevant to the company or not.

In addition, HR is the face of the company. They are the first person to meet the candidate on behalf of the company. So making a good impression does come under their hood.

3. Maintaining Harmony in the Environment

Human resource management is also responsible for keeping everyone happy. Right from creating safety policies to taking care of employee concerns, ensuring that there is no harassment, managing seamless relationships even within the workplace and a lot more.

Now do you think anyone would work for you if he or she isn’t getting paid properly? Of course, not! So HR must be able to offer insurance packages or keep track of the payroll, offer different kinds of pension plans, manage sick days, paid time off, maternity leaves, and take care of raises and bonuses.

Now enough is said about the significance of human resource management, time to answer the big question. What are the best human resource management tools to take into account?

Best Human Resource Management Tools

Fortunately, the scope of tools and technologies is increasing by leaps and bounds. Automation has been a bliss for any and every industry and human resource management seems to be no different. Today, with the increase in the usage of such tools, managing the workforce has become relatively easy. All the tedious and manual activities such as administrative tasks, and daily HR tasks can be automated. Why use the below-mentioned human resource management tools?

  • All the current and potential bottlenecks are removed
  • Streamlined Procedures such as onboarding and resigning
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Tracking employee development
  • Accurate analysis
  • Receive relevant feedbacks
  • Enhance employee experience

Without any further delay, time to unveil the best human resource management softwares to consider in 2023.

1. HivePayroll: A Comprehensive Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Solution

hivepayroll software

HivePayroll stands as a leading cloud-based HR and payroll software, offering an array of advanced accounting, process designing, and ERP functions. Tailored primarily for small and medium-sized businesses in India, this customizable software is designed to handle complex payroll processing efficiently.

In addition to its robust TDS and payroll management capabilities, HivePayroll software provides comprehensive support for time and attendance management, expense management, employee loans, and advances, as well as reporting and analytics.

Key Features That Set HivePayroll Apart:

Hassle-Free Management and Reporting Dashboard:
Experience seamless management and reporting with HivePayroll’s intuitive dashboard, enabling easy access to critical information and insights.

Customizable Pay Slip Components:
HivePayroll offers both functional and hierarchy level pay slip components, ensuring flexibility in meeting diverse payroll requirements.

Streamlined Employee Management:
Effortlessly upload and maintain employee data through mass upload functionality, enabling efficient management of employee records.

Efficient Payroll Processing:
Enjoy simplified payroll approvals, processing, and generation of pay slips, saving time and minimizing errors in the payroll process.

TDS Management:
Stay compliant with tax regulations through HivePayroll’s TDS management feature, ensuring accurate tax deductions and streamlined reporting.

Bank File Generation:
Simplify employee payment management by generating bank files directly from HivePayroll, streamlining the payment process.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal:
Empower your employees with an ESS portal for managing attendance, leaves, and accessing relevant information, promoting self-sufficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:
Generate a wide range of statutory, management, and employee reports, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhanced visibility.

Flexible Branch and Department Allocation:
Effortlessly maintain and allocate branches, locations, and departments within your organization, ensuring smooth business operations.

Designation Management:
Effectively allocate and manage designations for employees, enhancing organizational structure and clarity.


2. Rippling

Rippling Workforce-Management-Platform-HR-IT-Finance

The first name to take into account is rippling. It is one of the finest Human resource management tools to take into consideration, especially in today’s times. Here different organizations can create a single source of truth. In other words, the entire management process seems to be streamlined and everything seems to be accurate and transparent.

Today, data has become a pretty important factor and more and more companies are finding collecting as well as managing the crucial and confidential data of their employees. To maintain such things with accuracy, human resource management tools like rippling are needed. In fact, this kind of data is used to automate apps such as Google Workspace, salesforce and a lot more. In addition, Rippling is one tool where different aspects such as hiring, termination, and salary changes are taken care of.

Here managers and other people are given specific permission to have seamless access to specific services and third-party apps based on their designations and departments. In fact, here end users are in charge of what information can be viewed and what kind of information can be changed. Smart features present in the following HRM tool ensure that special accounts are created when someone gets promoted. Some intimidating features of rippling include:

  • Payroll
  • Accurate time and attendance
  • Precise accounting and management
  • Talent management
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Well-integrated with Asana, Atlassian, BrightHire, Checkr, Databricks, DocuSign, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Workspace, LinkedIn, Microsoft 365, Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Slack, Typeform, QuickBooks, Upwork, Zendesk, Zoom, and hundreds more.

3. Paychex


The next amazing human resource management tool to take into consideration is Paychex. The tool in particular comes with a wide range of features and functionalities such as:

  • Managing HR tasks seamlessly
  • Client onboarding support
  • Native mobile application
  • Time, attendance and resource scheduling
  • Real-time insights

When you have such a tool at bay, there is no denying the fact that you can operate seamlessly on multiple procedures including resource planning and obtaining constant feedback and making corrections instantly.

4. NectarHR


The next reliable human resource tool to take into consideration is NectarHR. Now one of the obvious jobs of an HR is to offer necessary rewards to the employees. After all, there should be something that keeps them motivated all the time. After the massive COVID hit, offshore offices, and remote work seem to have expanded to a great extent. During such crucial times, NectarHR can assist well in rewarding all the employees who have worked seamlessly throughout.

The human resource management tool also assists in offering benefits to every employee whether they are in the same region or anywhere else in the world. So what generally happens is that there is a sudden increase in overall productivity and efficiency. This definitely promotes seamless employee recognition. In fact, not just this NectarHR is also considered when it comes to hiring new employees. So if you want to enhance employee engagement within your firm, Nectar HR is the absolute human resource management tool to consider.

5. Paycor

HCM Solutions for Leaders and HR Teams

The next intimidating human resource management tool worth taking into account is Paycor. This specific tool is designed to eliminate the need of paper while conducting different administrative tasks and by automating common workflows. Why did I pick Paycor, you may ask? 

Well, it is because the tool is quite flexible and modular. The system tends to work for businesses irrespective of their size and industry vertical. Some of the most standalone features of Paycor include, it comprises basically five main modules HR/Payroll/Talent management/Workforce management/employee experience and benefits admin. 

Other mesmerizing features of Paycor include automated time and attendance tracking, employee scheduling, payroll processing and expense management tools, integrated recruiting software with analytics, employee onboarding tools, pulse surveys, a learning management system, and talent development tools including performance management and compensation planning functions.

So in other words every employee’s record can be well taken care of. Here there is a possibility for creating custom fields that can be well integrated with Certify, Equifax, GoodHire, HireTech, Ignite, Instant Pay, Oracle NetSuite, Payscale, TalentReef, Tapcheck, Sterling, Velosio, and many others.

6. OnPay

Payroll Services by OnPay
The next name to take into account is OnPay. It’s a great choice for businesses who are seeking out a single platform that has the potential to manage multiple subjects at once. Some of its core features include self-onboarding, in-app messaging, document storage, and HR compliance auditing. In addition to all these, HRs can manage their day-to-day tasks such as policy upgrades, conducting analysis and reporting the same, processing Payrolls, recruiting and ensuring that the candidate has a seamless exit from the company, etc.

7. Bambee

The sixth interesting human resource management tool to take into account is Bambee. This one definitely makes it to the list as it is advisable for businesses featuring less than 500 employees. So from startups to mid-size businesses, everyone can make the most of Bambee. Not to mention Bambee comprises of seamless employee onboarding, termination, and legal compliance.

Now why consider Bambee, here businesses can have clear access to different resources. Basically, here you have your very personal HR manager. Now who is the manager? He is a person that can coach the HR team to solve problems, clarify different policies when needed, and onboarding terminations. Also, in case of any clarifications needed Bambee can offer seamless assistance. Some of the core features of Bambee include:

  • Identifying HR gaps
  • Automated and customized HR policies
  • Employee Training Tracker
  • Report cards
  • Employee voices for Feedback
  • Access to personal HR manager

8. Gusto

Gusto Payroll Solutions

Gusto, another interesting name or online human resource management tool that assists well in streamlining the overall workflow of businesses, especially the small businesses. Some of its core HR functions are worth exploring. Gusto ensures complete employee satisfaction by offering the best payroll processing, tax filing and direct deposit. Right from compensation management to easy and quick employee onboarding, self-service portals, time off and benefits management.

The only issue here is that Gusto doesn’t have 360-degree feedback, recruitment management and features such as tracking different applications.

9. Clickup


Do you want to stay well organized? Well, if so then clickup is the right tool for your to take into account. Clickup offers 24/7 support and can be integrated with more than 1000 apps. It may quite interest you to know that clickup is not just a human resource management tool but it can be considered as a reliable project management software. Here you can add an insane amount of folders and create unlimited lists of tasks in accordance with due dates and priorities.

When it comes to recruiting nothing can beat this particular human resource management tool. For seamless onboarding, it is possible to create trackable tasks and docs right from the app. Some of the best features and functionalities offered by clickup include:

  • Free forever plan
  • Premium plans available at an affordable price
  • Unlimited users on every plan
  • Native time tracking

The only issue with clickup is that it comprises of a limited amount of human resource-based features and not recommendable for large enterprises.

10. MyInterview


The next interesting human resource management tool to take into account is MyInterview. As the name implies, Myinterview is all about enhancing the interview procedures. It’s not just about the resume but here even videos are also given quite importance. The tool basically assists managers to understand how their interviewees are in real life.

Here the tool helps you in collecting all the relevant information and updates about the candidate, especially the ones which can be missed in the entire process. The video screening tool can assist in saving lots and lots of time and energy. The HR tool comprises of a wide range of intelligence-based features that must be taken into account anyhow.

11. Deel

Last but certainly not least human resource management tool to consider is Deel. Now this one is a global human resource management tool that can be used by both local and international employees. It offers an immense amount of support in over 150+ countries. Now you may ask, what is Deel doing in the following list? Well, because it’s not just an HR management tool but has the potential for handling full payroll and other perks. Some of its core functions include contract generation, expense reimbursements, and off-cycle changes using Deel’s self-serve platform, automatic onboarding and the analytics. Also, here you will find global payroll, global mobility support, integrated Slack tools, and advanced integrations.


And we are done for a while! I hope you did find some of the aforementioned human resource management tools interesting and worth considering. In case, if there is something or some tool you think we missed, feel free to mention the same in the comment section below.

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