Payroll Made Easy

Every organization requires a staff on payroll to perform various functions. It is important to pay the salary of employees on time along with bonuses and deductions. Doing this not only motivates the workforce but also reflects the financial stability and prompt management of the organization to investors. While traditionally companies have always required a considerable amount of resources to manage payroll function, HivePayroll offers the advantage of automating the entire payroll process through affordable and reliable automation.

How Hive Payroll overcomes the limitations of traditional methods:

Traditionally, organisations used to complete the payroll function through the accounts department or outsource it to another organisation. But these methods depended on humans and had numerous faults. To overcome various issues faced by traditional payroll function methods, our developers and experts came up with HivePayroll to offer a secure and automated solution at affordable costs.

  • Documentation:
    HivePayroll is a modern alternative with much lesser limitations as compared to the traditional approach towards the payroll function. It is mandatory for all organizations to keep a record of their employee salaries for paying taxes. HivePayroll digitalizes a large number of documents as compared to physical documents used traditionally which are extremely difficult to manage and maintain.

  • Errors:
    Traditional methods are also prone to human errors such as misreads, erroneous calculations, loss of information etc. A mistake in the payroll function of the company can result in fines from government authorities and also lead to larger mistakes causing hefty losses. The affordable HivePayroll allows any business to save considerable resources and dedicate them towards their organization's main vision while facing much lesser threat of human errors through automation.

  • Resources:
    Traditional methods for payroll consume large resources in the form of expenses as well as time. They may take around one or two weeks depending on the size of organization before the salary is debited into the accounts of employees. On the other hand, it takes just a few hours to complete the payroll function through HivePayroll.

Advantages of HivePayroll over conventional software:

  • Security:
    We understand that the security of information and funds is of utmost importance to any organisation. To ensure this, all transactions are protected by double layer SSL certificate and encryption techniques. Clients can also add or reduce the number of authentications required for the transaction to be completed. For example, a company can allow the CEO to directly complete the payroll function for the entire organization or set up a two stage approval through the respective departmental head and CFO which allows individual managers to request payroll.

  • Accessibility:
    Another important factor about Hive Payroll is its easy accessibility which allows top level executives and managers to remotely check and approve the payroll. It can be troublesome and time consuming to double check for any discrepancies in the payroll if it requires visiting the office. With the help of Hive Payroll, this can be done easily as designated employees can log in from anywhere to check the attendance of an employee. Further, digital documents can also used to instantly share any information as required.

  • Ease of usage:
    Any employee can easily use Hive Payroll due to its user friendly interface and simple functioning. Employees can use it to comfortably check their work schedule and attendance. For many loans and financial transactions, people often require to show their past payslips which can be peculiar to find and manage in the smartphone. However, any employee can simply download or email their payslips from any device by logging into Hive Payroll using their credentials. This can prove to be immensely helpful during formal documentation procedures. They can also use HivePayroll from anywhere to request a leave and even edit or cancel it in case their plans get changed after the leave is approved.

  • Versatility:
    Hive Payroll can be used in numerous ways as per preference. Its versatility allows users to share information easily for collaboration, announcements, etc.

  • Highly scalable:
    Many organizations need to hire seasonal workforces for certain periods of the year requiring them to upscale or downscale rapidly. Unexpected changes in the market can also result in a large number of employees being hired or laid off within a short span of time. Organizations depending on one or more software would need to spend excessively for software experts during such a market condition. This problem has also been solved with the scalable Hive Payroll which allows clients to dynamically change their payroll function depending on the company size and requirements. The affordable charge for HivePayroll services is generated on the basis of number of employees at Rs. 20 per employee per month. This allows clients to add or remove any number of employees for the next payroll as needed.

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HivePayroll has been developed carefully to complete the requirements of any organisation. With updates in technology, the payroll function will also be upgraded to provide the latest features to customers. In the coming time, our team at HivePayroll will focus on developing better methods and technology to allow organizations to automate more accounting functions in a safe manner. The automatically updated platform will be offered for free to customers for initial 3 months after which they will be charged at the affordable rate mentioned above. Interested businesses can contact here anytime to try the services of Hive Payroll or clear any queries and doubts.