Best Employee Leave Management System/Software for India

Hive payroll is a complete software that offers numerous functions to businesses. One of its functions is offering an online leave management system for your business. According to a reliable source, the most successful organizations are the ones that automate most of their business operations.

Leave management is a tedious and time consuming task that should be automated so that you and your employees can have enough time to face your core business. One critical aspect of leave management is linking employees' leave to their pay. This requires 100 percent accuracy that only a software can deliver.

This is why Hive payroll online leave management system is not just an option but a necessity. Do you know that if the time expended in leave management issues is diverted to more important business activities, the overall productivity of your company will increase tremendously?

This is why we have developed an all-in-one software that handles leave management and other corporate functions. Here are several reasons to consider this application

Quick information
Our application tracks employees leave so your supervisors and managers will have quick access to necessary information to be able to approve or decline an employees leave request instantly.

Since leaves are tied to pay, our leave management system works with payroll. So, once an employee's leave request is granted, it will reflect in his or her pay calculation automatically. It is needless to remind you that anything about employees pay require 100 percent accuracy and speed. Recent study also shows that companies with effective leave management system have higher employee retention rate because it leads to improved job satisfaction.

Our software offers you enough flexibility to modify your leave policies anytime it is necessary. If any policy makes a particular employee ineligible for a particular leave, the system will automatically flag it and give reasons if the employee applies for the leave. So, managers and supervisors don't have to keep track of who is entitled to what leave.

Constant reminders
When workload shoots up, a manager or supervisor may forget to respond to a particular leave request. With our system, this cannot happen because once an employee applies for leave, the system will continue to remind the manager on his dashboard. The best aspect is that an employee does not need to see his manager face to face to apply for leave and get a response. It will be done from the system. This will further save the time of walking to the manager's office to tender the request.

It enforces leave policy
Once you implement your leave policy on the system, it can't be flouted. For instance, if your policy says an employee cannot go on annual until he has worked for at least a year in your company, if an employee that has just spent 6 months tries to apply for leave through the system, the application will be declined with the appropriate reason. It won't even go through to the manager at all.

It saves time
If you have a small company with less than ten employees, you may still be able to manage your employees leave manually albeit with some hard work. Leave management becomes almost impossible when the number of employees in your organization becomes high or when you have multiple branches. This is why you need to make use of our easy-to-use online management system.

Why not take your business to another level with our software today?. Stop wasting valuable business time doing what a simple application can handle. Why will you allow an employee to spend more than 3 hours to deliver an error-filled employees leave report when our application can produce an accurate one in minutes? You can contact us for more information on the software