A Cloud-Based TDS Management Software (Income Tax calculator) in India for Individuals and Small Businesses

HIVEPAYROLL has come with the fastest and easiest method of calculating the taxes for businesses. It is a multi-purpose software covering all the features needed for organizing the monetary factors related to TDS management. HIVEPAYROLL helps business with calculating, estimating and deducting the income tax of the employees of the company. It reduces the workings of the officer in calculating the projected income tax. Therefore, it ensures that an employee gets all the liberties to control their taxes.

HIVEPAYROLL offers income tax calculated according to the income tax section of Indian law. But the tax regulation and slabs can also be implemented manually. HIVEPAYROLL, the TDS management software is all on one in case of managing Income tax. It covers all of the functions of TDC calculation and e-filling TDS returns. It offers all the TDS solutions which are very efficient in deducting TDS according to the Indian income tax law.

The Unique Functionalities of HIVEPAYROLL TDS Management Software

  • Automatic Update of TAX SLABS

  • Generation of TDS Returns

  • Registration of e-TDS returns Online

  • Inbuilt Statutory Reports

  • Importation of Deduction Data

  • Self-loading Data Backup

  • Resolution of Income Tax

  • Estimation of Income Tax

  • Automatic TDS challans

Multi-advantage Of HIVEPAYROLL Over Other TDS Management Software

Multipurpose Use TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)

  • The software covers all the data related to the payments and calculation of income tax for ongoing years and previous years.
  • It fully supports the Salary TDS (Form 24Q), NRI TDS (FORM 27Q), Non-salary TDS (FORM 26Q) and TCS.
  • Easy FVU file generation.
  • e-filling of TDS & TCS returns allow time-saving with secure uploading system of TDS return online.
  • It allows the user to add unlimited clients as deductors.
  • It can compute the income of a business calculating the significant factors,i.e., capital, revenues,and other sources. This software enables accurate calculations of TDS.
  • It allows the user to print and save any document, file or statement with some simple clicks.
  • It also can import data from an Excel sheet.
  • HIVEPAYROLL limits the records of deductee and employees based on the Edition selection.

TDS Accuracy and Error Deductions :

  • All the information,i.e., Tax Slabs, different allowances of employees ex. House allowances, medical allowance, TA are automatically calculated per month and years.
  • It detects the errors of file validation with an instant display system.
  • It prepares all the proper corrections returns.

TDS Correction Returns:

  • HIVEPAYROLL imports the data from TRACES website which ensure proper filling of TDS information
  • It highlights the corrections on the return statement.
  • It saves the correction manual for the later references for retaining the original values.
  • It can generate the statement in all files compatible,i.e., Word doc., Excel formats, and PDF formats.
  • NIL returns are prepared based on the requirement in a click.
  • CSI file can be created automatically.

Easy Data withdrawals and Importing System:

  • It can bulk upload data from and to any data center ex. Excel.
  • Generation of FVU files is straightforward in HIVEPAYROLL.
  • It has compatibility with CONSO/TDS file. So, any information can be retrieved from those files.
  • Active TDSMAN version also can work with HIVEPAYROLL to ensure the maximum benefits for the users and enlarging the user circle.

Data Backup System:

  • It can backup and restore all the data related to TDS of present years as well as previous years.
  • There is no need of re-installing while upgrading to subsequent transactions years.

Default Analysis:

  • Accurate and precise calculation of TDS and income taxes.
  • Holding period, the long-term capital gain can also be calculated.
  • It also considers eligible granting immunity, short-term gain calculation, an indexed cost which help in the accurate prediction of TDS.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) can be verified by this software.
  • HIVEPAYROLL enrolls auto name extraction of individual PAN.
  • It can track down the validation of TDS Challans with few clicks.
  • Auto implementation of Tax Slabs of India.
  • The short deduction also can be calculated in this software.
  • The interest of late payment and late deduction can also be calculated to properly track down the amount of income tax.

An Easy, Safe & Secure TDS Software for eTDS Return Filing:

  • It is a cloud-based software system which makes it safer than offline TDS management software.
  • HIVEPAYROLL has automatic upgrading system which has made it more user-friendly.
  • There is a multi-user option available by which more than one user can operate the software from individual devices.
  • File validation utility is also auto-updateable.
  • Regular alert and notification system are available for the users.
  • Informational user manual, demo-video are also provided with the software for the user as well as easy understanding of the software operations.

A Free TDS Software for Easily File TDS
A trial using period is offered to the customer to get experience for the clients. The HIVEPAYROLL, income tax calculator eases the works of an accountant and helps in deducting the TDS. HAVE PAYROLL guarantees the best TDS management system for your company, hence the prosperity.